Franchesca Betancourt’s Story

Franchesca Betancourt’s Story

When Franchesca Betancourt moved from Orlando, Florida, to Vidalia, Georgia, in 2016, she wanted to make sure there was a hospital in the area that could take care of her growing family.

She and her husband, David, were planning to have a second child, so she stopped by the front desk at Meadows Regional Medical Center one day to inquire about tours of the labor and delivery department.

“I told them I wasn’t sure if the hospital did tours, but they called back and the nurse on duty just came out,” she said.

Franchesca doesn’t remember the nurse’s name but remembers she took the time to show her around.

She was particularly impressed by the extra large delivery suites that had room for visiting family members and that the hospital embraced such healthy practices as skin-to-skin contact with the baby right after birth – a time known as the “Golden Hour” when babies bond with their mothers.

“The nurse on duty took the time to answer my questions. She was really nice, so that was a really great first impression,” she said.

Franchesca was glad she stopped by the hospital that day, because that visit would be followed with another about a year later when she returned to Meadows to deliver her second child.

On Sept. 26, Gabriella Elizabeth Betancourt came into the world weighing just over 7 pounds. And Franchesca couldn’t have been more pleased.

“I had really good experience,” she said. “Everyone was just great. Dr. Meredith was amazing. My husband said if they could multiply her times 100, that would be wonderful.”

Franchesca also said her anesthesiologist carefully explained everything he was doing during the entire delivery, which helped to allay her fears about nerve damage or back pain.

“And I had great nurses. I remembered the names of my two nurses because they both had the same name – Amanda,” she said.

“One of the Amandas had signed a card they sent me. It said, ‘Thank you for choosing this hospital,’ which I felt was a very nice detail to the delivery process. I thought that was great.”